Kid's Cars: Body Work & Clean Up While They Are Home from College

Hello and Happy New Year to All! 

Rico here!

I bet if you have a son or daughter away at college, you’ve found yourself thinking about their car at least a time or two.

Are they taking care of it? You’re not alone. I thought about my daughters while they were at school. And let’s be honest, they’re likely not 100% on track with these tasks because they’re busy on this new venture of independence and school.

That’s ok. It's a perfect time to plan to help them out a bit with these “to-do’s” when they’re home on break over the holidays.

Bring their car by for an estimate if there's been any auto body damage in the recent months. Door dings, bent bumpers, side mirror damage. 

And, schedule a nice detail job for their car too. A good exterior wash and interior clean will do a world of good. The kids will feel great in their vehicle and you'll feel great knowing you've got some good protective wax for the paint and a nice clean interior too. 

Take their car to Tom's Automotive, just down the street from us, for complementary services to ours. More along the lines of automotive maintenance, like:

  • Oil changes

  • Windshield washer fluids and new wiper blades

  • Power steering fluid check

  • Brake fluid check

It’s also a good idea to check to make sure that the emergency necessities in the car are stocked up. These are things like a first aid kit, bottled water, tire pressure gauge, flashlight with fresh batteries, etc.

By keeping up on this timeline, it helps to keep the car in tip top shape structurally, but also ensures the utmost safety for your son/daughter.