Breathe Easier with a Clean Car

Hi All, Rico here!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but allergy season has officially hit!

Which means, the pollen count is high. 

Both trees and flowers are starting to blossom and the wind is carrying the pollen throughout our city, much of it landing on our vehicles.

People often don’t think about this. Pollen gets on the exterior, in the interior, in the air filters and everywhere between! That said, it’s a great time to keep on top of vacuuming out your car and making those places that circulate air throughout the car are thoroughly and regularly cleaned.

It’s also a smart time to do a deep clean and shampoo the interior since the weather is warming up and interior carpets will be able to dry completely.

If you suffer from any form of allergies, hay fever or asthma, this is a great (and simple) way to help limit your suffering when in your car!

Some ways to help prevent the pollen from taking over your vehicle are below:

  • Vacuum regularly. We suggest at least once per week to keep on top of it and keep the pollen from settling in.

  • Wash and wax. By waxing, it will help to seal your car and prevent those pollens from sticking to your car.

  • Replace filters. Check your cabin air filter to make sure you’ve got a clean and functioning filter.

  • Keep windows closed. By keeping your windows closed as much as possible this time of year, it limits the opportunities for the pollen to sneak in.

By taking a little time to care for your car, (cleaning it, and preventing pollen from gaining ground in your interior) you'll enjoy a more comfortable ride and happier airways!

We’ve got several detail options at AutoBuff if you want an extra set of hands to keep your ride in tip top condition... down to the details.

Bring your car by and we can give you an estimate on the spot.