Working with Insurance on an Autobody Claim

Hi All—Rico here!

I hope you are all enjoying your last few days of summer here in West Seattle, which has included some amazing weather and events! Not to mention the cleaner air and clearer skies, right? 

Last month we talked about keeping your car in tip top shape during this time of year.

This month I thought we’d talk about something as important, if not moreso, that will help to keep your stress level down in case you find yourself with an insurance claim—namely, dealing with your insurance company after an accident or claim!

Filing a claim means that something has come up (or gone down) and it's usually a stressful event of some sort, as it’s affecting your mode of transportation. In our shop, this mostly looks like car collisions and resulting bodywork repair.

Regardless of "who hit who", we aim to minimize the stress associated with the end result of a damaged car or truck, by working directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Yes, with our customers, we take on that entire responsibility for them! This means that after you bring your car into our shop for any repairs or body work related to a claim, we’ll take that task off of your hands!

We know what is required, how insurance processes work and can just about guarantee we can go through the necessaries of getting estimates and needed approvals and paperwork expedited more quickly and easily than most folks... since we've been doing it every day for more than 2 decades.

Rico’s Auto Buff….

  • Deals with all insurance companies.

  • Saves you time and stress by dealing directly with your insurance company regarding needed repairs.

  • Keeps you in the loop as progress is made.

  • Works to ensure you are receiving the correct treatment from your insurance company throughout the process.

Our staff at Rico’s is experienced and skilled at understanding the process of insurance claims and maneuvering through all of the required steps, so our customers don’t have to.

Just remember one thing: if you find yourself needing assistance with an auto bodywork, get your car to our shop. If you can’t physically drive your car here, simply request that the tow truck bring it to our shop.

We’re here to not only work with your insurance company but also to restore your vehicle's body to its best post-accident condition.