Safe Driving in Cold Weather CHECKLIST


It’s hard to believe that the holidays are here and gone already! We hope you enjoyed wonderful time with your family and loved ones, and that you all stayed safe on the roads while commuting back and forth.

We’re approaching the real cool weather season in our area, and with that there’s lot of preparing that can be done to keep your passengers and vehicles safe.

Here's a short checklist to go through before hitting the roads:

  • Fill your windshield washer reservoir: It can be helpful to use fluid that has a deicer during this season to help with thawing your windshield.

  • Check your windshield wipers and defrosters: Having wipers or a defroster that are not functioning can be very dangerous. Take a moment to ensure they are both working properly.

  • Check your tires. Visually inspect the integrity of your tires. Or, pop into a local tire shop and have them inspected. Having proper tread and a solid tire is important for traction on the road.

  • Stock your vehicle: Make sure you have things like an ice scraper, blanket, jumper cable, flashlight and flare. These can all be very helpful if you find yourself in a less than ideal circumstance with your vehicle.  

Going on a long trip in cooler conditions?
Packing extra things like water and food can be very important. Additional items like kitty litter or sand that can aide in getting your car out of snow or a slick spot.

Doing something as simple as checking the conditions on your drive, and planning the route accordingly can be a very simple and safe plan. All of these little things can make your trip safer and easier, across the board. Take an extra moment before hitting the road the next time to make sure you, and your vehicle, are prepared!