Prep in Our Paint Booth This Week

Hi All, Rico here!

We’ve been busy here at the shop this month with not only servicing our client’s vehicles structurally, but also have lots going on in our paint booth!

We often think about cars needing a new paint job after a major incident, but they can also benefit from some TLC in the paint department or touch ups without that big incident. It’s important to remember that either way, you’re using the appropriate paint and an expert to take care of the job at hand.


Finding the color of your paint is a science and it needs to be matched very specifically for your car. This means brand, year and color. Each brand of vehicle uses a different color code so it’s important to use that particular one to match it precisely.

Use an expert!

Painting, repainting or just simple touching up of car paint isn’t a simple job if you want it done right. Make sure you take your car to a shop that has expertise in this field and will take the time to ensure your paint job is done correctly.

We have a superior paint booth at Rico’s, and a high level of expertise in this field. Our booth also utilizes water-based and eco-friendly paint. (Which we think is a real bonus!)

Here’s the latest in the booth

We have prep work, paint matching and repairs on a few major “ouch” jobs we’re working on this week. No matter the size of the job, we take our time to ensure your car leaves here with a quality job and is shiny and sparkly for you!