Let's Talk About Paint Matching

Hi All, Rico here!

Let's talk about something a little different his month— paint color matching.

Have you ever scratched, bumped or had to repaint a part of your car and noticed the color you chose to repaint it with is not quite the exact same shade?

Even if you haven’t done it yourself, I’m sure you’ve seen a car with a paint color that has had a touch up that doesn’t quite match the original color.

There’s a reason for that; color matching is precise and not as easy as just picking “silver” if the bodywork on your car is silver.

It’s a science!

You have to know very specific information about your existing paint in order to match it perfectly. Things like the resins, pigments and solvents used in the paint.

Every car has a color code

You’ll need to use the manufacturer, model and year your car was manufactured in order to find the correct color code for your specific vehicle.

Little known tip

Many manufacturers sell small bottles of specific colors that you can get inexpensively at a dealership. Small amounts, made to match. 

For small scratches, we suggest you get the smaller amounts available at the dealership, then bring them in and we'll use them directly on your vehicle. Less waste, when we don't need to mix up a larger batch of color, and less money and hassle when you don't have to deal with the dealership. Right?

Find an expert!

You’ll want to find someone who has experience and expertise with color matching and painting for your touch up or whole body paint job.

Lucky for you, we've got a superior paint booth and technician. From a small scratch to a major paint job, we’re skilled and prepared to help with your vehicle's detail, paint and bodywork here in West Seattle.