Where's Value in Regular Car Detailing?

Hi all, Rico here!

I wanted to talk about car detailing this week. It’s an important thing to add to your list of to-do’s and keep up with regularly. Let’s talk about why…

First off, what exactly do I mean by car detailing?

Car detailing is much different than an exterior car wash, or a quick vacuum. Car detailing means getting into the nitty gritty.

This means an exterior wash that includes the trim, headlights, the wheels and chassis, along with an interior thorough vacuum and appropriate cleaning (depending upon the interior materials of your car) of all interior nooks and crannies.

Why detail rather than a quickie car wash?

A car wash is really a quick exterior wash and doesn’t address anything internally, nor does it provide a thorough cleaning. It can also be dangerous to go through a car was with brushes. Many of the brushes used can damage the paint on your car.

The brushes aren’t cleaned, so figure whatever was left over from the person before (sand, dirt, etc.) is going to be rubbed onto your car when you drive through.

Why is it important to regularly detail your car?

There are so many reasons to regularly details your car! They start with overall condition—by putting in the time and TLC, your car will undoubtedly hold up better in the long run. It also protects from sun damage.

Huh? Sun damage?

In Seattle?

Yep, keeping your car shiny and clean keeps that reflection bouncing off and not damaging the surfaces as easily.

Lastly, comfort.

Ever find yourself driving or sitting at a stoplight and looking down to realize you really need to clean off that dashboard? We call that a distraction. Keeping things looking and smelling clean allows you to keep your eyes where they belong—on the road.

By putting in the time and money to maintain your car, it will help you to keep the value when you part ways with it in the long-term. It of course helps to sport a shiny look and keep you feeling proud as you show it off to the world.