Food, Drinks & Safety on the Road to Grandma's House

Hi all, Rico here and ready to come in for a strong landing on 2018! 

It’s hard to believe the holidays are just a head of us!

That means food, fun and family. For a lot of people, it also means more travel time and lugging more stuff with you in the car. Some of that “stuff” could be food. Hot food, cold food, food that spills, food that requires an eye to make sure it stays together, a whole slew of foods! That said, take a little time to plan ahead to ensure that the transportation of that food is safe and doesn’t cause you taking your eyes or attention off of the road.

Transporting food/drinks safely in the car.

For hot dishes—you can stick them in an additional container (perhaps a plastic bin?) to keep it in one space and also prevent any necessary clean ups from a big bump that may result in a spill.

For bottles—you can use a wine box, wine bag (with structure) or even a cooler to ensure they don’t break and remain upright on the road.

Coolers can come in very handy for keeping things the temperature they need to be, and also preventing spills in your car! Plus, the lid-factor is great as it keeps foods and beverages contained and away from presents.

And of course, be sure to put a little time into transporting the gifts safely. This means:

Don’t stack them too high or block your line of vision.

Make sure the they’re not stuck in any space where they could fall out when a door or trunk is opened.

Stack wisely! Heavier on the bottom and lighter on top.

Be mindful of what you leave in your car.

There are lots of people that prey on cars with gifts or valuables in it and will break in to take them. If at all possible don’t leave anything of value in your car. If you must have gifts in your vehicle, definitely keep your car locked and try to make sure that everything you leave in the car is out of site. 

Stay safe out there! Enjoy your family, friends and time on the roads.

As always, Happy Holidays & lots of good cheer from Rico, Jolene and the girls