Shampoo Your Vehicle Interiors Now...Before the Seattle Rains Come

Hi All—Rico here!

As summer winds down, and the cooler weather starts to creep into the weather forecasts, I've got to remind you that it’s a good time to shampoo the interiors of your vehicles.

Interior shampoos and detail work when the weather is warm and dry will ensure complete dryness (and no mold or mildew). If you’re thinking about getting one last detail, spot clean or shampoo in before the Seattle Fall rains come, now’s the time!

We have all sorts of car, truck and minivan detailing for your car at the shop. We even offer gift certificates. And who wouldn’t love a shiny clean detail job for their car or truck? Pop by the shop to see what options we have that fit your vehicle’s wants and needs.

We look forward to handing your keys back over to you so you can drive out of the shop with a spiffy, shiny vehicle.