Auto Details Matter: Wax to Protect

The sun is nearly peeking out, and in the shop, if feels like we're are all ready to dive into all of those activities we’ve been missing while enduring the winter and rainy months!

With the temperature rising (hopefully soon!), comes different wear and tear on everything. The sun and warmth doesn’t just affect us and our yards, it plays a role in everything we do ...and drive.

Those rising temps create an environment that is extra hard on your car or truck.

Wondering what you can do to help prepare your car for warmer months?

Adding back a layer of protection is a great idea. 

We're talking about wax.
But before we can apply and buff a beautiful, shiny, protective coat of wax, we'll need to give the vehicle a good wash first. 

Yes, inside as well as out. Might as well make it a good -and thorough- job. 

Consider it a kind of Spring Cleaning for your car. It's a great time to wash, refresh and protect your vehicle.