For the Love of Kids, Carseats & Caution

Hi All—Rico here!

This month I’d like to take some time to focus on the safety of children in cars. There is so much information out there about where kids should and/or shouldn’t sit, who should/shouldn’t be in a car seat and all of the specifics for kids in cars.

In my opinion, airing on the side of caution to keep our youngsters safe is always the best policy!

There are tons of statistics out there about how many kids are injured or killed in car accidents each year which I won’t share. It’s simply far too many and a lot of them could be prevented.  

Here are some helpful reminders and tips for you to consider prior to hitting the road with a child in your car. 

Car seats are important!

  • Kids under 8 or under 4’ 9” have to be secured in a child safety system

  • Kids under 13 should ride in the back seat whenever possible

  • Kids too big for an infant carseat but not ready for the actual car's seat need to ride in a booster seat

  • Kids riding in a booster seat must use a shoulder strap at all times

  • Kids cannot graduate out of a booster seat until they are at least 40 pounds

For more information about safe driving with kids in the car please check out laws, facts and tips here.

For tips on picking the correct car seat for your child click here.

Above all else, just take a little extra time to ensure the safety needs of your child are being met for every single trip in your car.