Car Prowls During the Holiday Season

Hi All, Rico here!


Well, it’s hard to believe we are now officially in the middle of the holiday season!


Some of us are spending a little more time on the roads, and our cars are in parking lots or different neighborhoods while shopping or out socializing.


Unfortunately, there are lots of prowlers keeping an eye out for cars that have something of value in them. Let’s talk about how to keep you, your car, and your items safe!


Lock and alarm your car

Pretty simple, right? Well it’s easy to forget when you’re shuffling around. Take an extra second to make sure you’ve locked up!


Keep it clean

The less items out in your car that are of valuable and visible to people, the better!


If you’ve shopped, hide the items before you park at the next location.


Sometimes prowlers are sitting in parking lots and keeping an eye out for someone who obviously has items in their car.


Park in the open

Even if it means a few extra steps—park somewhere where your car is clearly visibly to bystanders. Steer clear of heavy foliage or large cars that might hide your car.


At the end of the day there’s no sure-fire way to prevent someone who is deadset on getting in your vehicle. But, by following these simple steps above, it will certainly lessen the likelihood of your car being the target!


Have a merry season, everyone!