Why You Should Not Shampoo Your Interior in Winter

Hey all—Rico here!

One of our favorite things to do here at the shop is to take your car, when it’s looking and feeling its worst, and restore it to its best!

One way we do this is with a great detail. We find that a lot of people do the maintenance when it comes to spiffying their car up on the dash, seats and so on. Many don’t often have time to get to one of the main culprits for dirt and smell—the carpets!

Car carpets are tricky things to clean in a safe and efficient way.

When you add onto that fact that we live in the climate we live in—it’s easy to end up with a big mess if you shampoo carpets this time of year!

If at all possible—avoid shampooing carpets during the winter.

Here's why: The humidity and weather can make it difficult for carpets to dry completely. What does that mean? The onset of mold, mildew & spores. Gross.

This being said, messes happen, even in winter

Spill something on your carpets?

Dilute it right away with a little cool water and then blot it with a clean rag or paper towel until it’s dry.

The main idea being to spot clean only!

Instead of doing a full on carpet shampoo, focus on using as little liquid as possible and spot clean only the area that needs attention.

It’s in your carpets (and car’s) best interest to wait to shampoo carpets until the weather is warmer and dryer. By waiting, you avoid running into problems like mold and other unwelcome little organisms into your carpet by it not being able to dry completely.

So, if you find yourself in a crunch just spot clean and wait until the weather is more conducive to a deep clean. And as always, feel free to drive on over here so we can help! 

We have some great detail packages, and consider ourselves experts in this area!


Happy New Year to All from me, Jolene and the team!