Spruce Up Your Ride with a Winter Detail Service

Hey all—Rico here!

Sometimes taking care of our cars gets pushed to the back burner, especially this time of year with so many things being added to our “to-do” list each day. Wanted to list one thing that you might want to push up your list a little bit - a nice detail service for your ride. 

Cleanliness and details make an impression
By spending a little bit of time once a month to clean your car, it helps to preserve the resale value and also keep it looking nice. A detail service every 6 months can also be a good option for cleanliness and aesthetic purposes.

Why would yo want to do this?
Consider the time you are spending in your car, truck or SUV over the holidays...
Are you out with friends shopping? Carpooling to activities, after-school and evening parties?

Will you be picking up friends, family or inlaws from the airport? 
You'll be making an impression, you know.

Perhaps you have someone special, and a ring, with a proposal in mind?

You'll want to consider the interior of your car before you hop in and have an incredible winter season!

In case you're still shopping
We do offer car detail is a great (and appreciated) gift idea for the holidays. 

Gift certificates are available at Rico’s any time.

Neglecting these basic things can lead to much more costly issues and repairs in the long run. So, when you have a little down time, be sure to stay on top of the little things! The payoff is huge—your car life will be extended, and your passengers and other drivers on the road are more protected.

From my family and team to yours, happy holidays!!