Body work & paint jobs this month

Happy fall, all—Rico here again!
We’ve got lots going on at the shop this month. Everything from little tail light fixes, to major patch work, to a complete body overhaul. All we know is that we love being able to see the smiles on our client’s faces when they drive off in their shiny, cleaned up cars! Here’s a sneak peek at this month’s projects we have going on.

Sedan in the Paint Booth

Remember this one? This sedan was in our car getting some major body work done last month, and has been getting some much needed TLC since it made it’s debut. We've finished fixing all the body dents and major blemishes and are now finishing it up with a great new paint job. It's just about ready to go home - just in time to be shown off for the holidays.

Next up we have a work truck that had some dings in need of fixing. We've removed teh damaged area and are working on patching it now. After the patch is completely sanded and smooth, we'll get it to the paint booth and then back on the road.  

1972 Plymouth Scamp

Last, but certainly not least, we are working on this little beauty. This Plymouth Scamp has a few dings, and some damage on the front driver's side in need of repair. This will likely be in the shop for a bit...but watch for progress as we restore the body to it's true form. 
Vintage cars require an extra especial set of hands working on them, to ensure they retain the value and look of a true vintage car.
Feeling Grateful
Vintage cars As we continue our worth this month, we're thankful for our great customers, and the rewarding work we're able to do. Our shop gives us the ability to work on so many different types of vehicles and help our neighbors here in West Seattle. 
Whether it's a window replacement, major body work, a new coat of paint or just a good old fashioned detail job for your car, we love it. From my family and team to yours, happy holidays to you and your family. Stay safe on the roads! -Rico