Auto Detailing, Paint Booth Unmasking & More

Hi All—Rico here!

This month seems to be off to a rainy start outdoors, but is anything but rainy in the shop! We have lots going on in the shop this month. From detailing, cleaning-up and new paint jobs to repair—we’ve got projects galore! Here’s a little sneak peek at a few of the projects in the works. 

Our crew has been hard at work detailing cars this month—getting them all clean, nice and shiny for their owners! From a little wipe down, vacuum or tidy up, to the full interior/exterior spa day for your car, every little bit of maintenance with keeping your car looking and smelling clean is great!

The Paint Booth
We’re just about ready to unmask our newest car that made its way through our paint booth. (Our brand new paint booth that’s utilizing all water based and eco-friendly paint!) This beauty in blue is looking so fresh with its new paint job. Just a few more finishing touches and it’ll be back with its owner and shining as it drives down the road!

Bumper Repair
At any given time, we’ve almost always got a bumper (or multiple) that is in the shop and in need of some fixing and/or T.L.C. We're continually repairing them whenever possible as it's often less expensive than replacing them.  Many times, in order to repair them, we'll use heat, then reshape, then repaint. And then we replace it back onto the vehicle.

When our customers bring their cars into our shop our philosphy is always to use the method that will be the best for the customer and car. This means the best quality, timeline and price for them and their vehicle. Budget and safety are always top of mind for us when we approach each and every job in our shop!