Winter Interior Washes?....Not Recommended.

Hi All. Rico back again.

A few weeks ago I mentioned we'd be slowing & stopping our interior wash and shampoo services for the winter.

Cloth and carpeting just doesn't dry completely in the rainy season.
Or, it takes a darn long time. 

I mean, imagine, getting your car back from our shop and slipping into to a very chilly, still damp vehicle. 
It even smells wet.

Nobody wants that. 

So, for the winter, we're advising against interior shampoos and washes. 

Vacuuming? Dashboard cleanings? Windows?
Still a GO! Absolutely. 

Emergency accidents? 
Well, those still may happen. 
We want to help you out, but we also want you to be happy and understanding about what the season is, and how it takes much much longer to dry an interior.

If you do choose to go ahead and have your interior professionally cleaned, we recommend parking your vehicle in a garage or at least under a covered space. It'll dry faster.

That being said, if you leave your ride in the driveway or on the street when it's rainy and damp. 
You're going to have a damp interior for awhile. 
I can't say how long it will take to dry, any more than I can predict the weather. 

But I can share that, for us, our interior shampoo season is pretty well done (except for emergencies) until the height of the winter rainy season is done. 

Thanks everyone!