We Advise: No Interior Shampoos in Winter: Do It Now

Hi All -

Rico here again and Fall is definitely in the crisp morning air these days...and we've got our first big shower out of the way.

Shampoo-free winter

This in mind, let's talk about interior shampooing during the rainy cold season. 
We're actually not going to be promoting interior shampoos for vehicles during heavy rains & bitter cold.


Cars just don't get dry enough. It takes a long long time and it's uncomfortable to breathe in a slightly damp cold car for weeks. And it's pretty awful to open up and damp trunk and get a whuff of musty wet air. No...not good. Not good at all.

There are exceptions, of course. Things happen and cleaning needs doing, but for regular maintenance detailing jobs, we're not looking to create a humid environment in your vehicle over this winter.

We'll treat the dash, vacuum, shine up the windows and all the other goodies, but shampoos? Nah...think about taking the winter off from that.

How long will you be doing shampoos then?

We'll be doing shampoos for another week or so, but not so much after October.

Time to wax

Another tip before the rain really hits - get a pre-storm detail & coat of wax on your car's exterior. It protects your paint job and makes clean up easier. 

What else? 

Have the wipers checked & replaced if needed....and be sure to check your tires now too at your next visit with your regular mechanic.

A few shots below of what's in the shop right now:

Rear bumper work

Rear bumper work

Detail work in action on the Mini Cooper.

Detail work in action on the Mini Cooper.