The Keyed Kia: Bodywork at AutoBuff

Hi Everyone - Rico here again. 

There are a bunch of vehicles in the body shop, paint booth and a few are also ready for prime detail work this week. 

One job we see fairly frequently is actually in our shop right now. 

Keyed Kia
Someone keyed (or, scratched, likely with a key) this poor sedan on all four sides. Just ran around the car, dragging a sharp-enough object to damage the paint on all four sides. Here are a few images - works in progress.

It's really a nuisance for the owners to get repaired. But it does happen. If your vehicle, or someone's you know, bring it by and we'll give an estimate repairs.

Other jobs in the shop this week? 

Check our Facebook page for a very short video clip of Belal sanding out a paint job.
There's also a front-end project that'll be making it's way inside for some TLC to the body as well.

Here's a "Before" picture.

Thanks for stopping by, West Seattle!