"Spring" means Shine, "Spring" means Wax

Hi all, Rico here again. 
Spring means something different to the guys in the auto body, paint & detail shop....
Spring means Shine.....so for us, Spring means WAX. 

Hazy clear coat?
Most modern cars have a layer of clear coat over the colored lacquer. This clear coat actually takes the brunt of the abuse and protects your paint. Over time the salt, dirt, bird poop, tree sap and multiple washes can make your clear coat go hazy. Not pretty. 
While it's tough to nab the sunny hours in the afternoons between raindrops, we at AutoBuff recommend you take a good look at your car's paint & overall look.

Consider the following:

  • Is the paint getting cloudy & hazy? 
  • How long has it been since your vehicle's been waxed?
  • Take a look inside too....Is it time for an interior shampoo? 

It's a satisfying thing to take care of your car, truck or SUV. We spend a lot of time in our cars and depend on them.
Taking good care feels great...especially if you catch a few hours of sunshine. Bonus!
If you'd rather drop it off with us, we'd be happy to detail your ride to a high shine.
Fit for cruising, date nights ...& generally feeling like a million bucks.