Road Safety Reminder for the 3-day Weekend & Game!

This weekend's gonna be hoppin': Seattle's hosting the big game, and some folks get Monday off in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Those are just two events of the many going on for this chances are good, roads will be loaded with folks excited to enjoy their time off.

Hi Everybody. Rico here with a reminder to plan your travels & be cautious while you're out & about.

A few quick tips: 

  • If you're going to the game on Sunday, have an alternate plan for getting home safe. You don't have to use the plan - just plan and have one. A friend, a bus, or even a cab. 
  • Leave for the game -or hike, or event- early. Roads are going to be busy throughout the weekend with parties and festivities. You'll be sharing the road - same as any other weekend. Consider a couple of alternate routes before sipping that first beer or mimosa. 
  • Keep your smartphone handy - not just for selfies. If you witness an accident -or are in one- taking photos of the scene and damage is really helpful for the insurance filing process or police report. 

Our office is closed on the weekend, but if need be, you can always drop your vehicle off or have it towed here. Park it on the street. Then, just fill out the form and drop the key in the envelope with your phone number and we'll follow up with you at the beginning of the week. 

Enjoy the weekend and the game! Be safe & Go Hawks!