Road Safety and Weather Changes

Hi all—Rico here again!

With this week’s weather, I’d reminded that winter weather is on its way.

Prepping your car for the changes in weather can not only help to keep you (and your passengers) safe, but can help in keeping your car safe by prepping it for the slicker roads and cooler weather as well. We're definitely auto body specialists and not car mechanics, but we have a few reminders for you so your cars stay safe and have better chances of staying intact...and actually out of our shop!

A few reminders to have in place for the cooler weather.

  • Check your
  • Exhaust system. We tend to think about carbon monoxide leaks in our homes, but not in our cars. The exhaust system can leak carbon monoxide too. Since our windows are up for the majority of winter, it’s important to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Windshield wipers. Old windshield wipers can cause issues with being able to see what’s in front of you. Invest in good wipers to ensure your view is clear!
  • Tire tread depth and tire pressure. This should be checked often. If you live in an area where snow/ice are an issue, consider tires that are specially designed for those elements.
  • Oil & antifreeze levels. Cooler weather can create challenges for your car. Having the right fluids and ensuring everything is topped off is crucial for your car to operate safely.
  • Definitely have the brakes and battery checked too.

Ready for a great local referral for a company that can handle all of these tasks on the checklist? 
It's our neighbor and longtime partner: Tom's Automotive. Kandie Jennings and crew are just up the street and are trusted professionals.

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One more tip ...for the proverbial road
Have an emergency kit on hand. Keeping an emergency kit on hand is a great idea for safety! Your kid can/should include things like: jumper cables, ice scraper, a blanket, first aid kit, flares, extra gloves, tire chains and drinking water.

Even a short commute can become very difficult when your car is not prepared to handle the oncoming harsher conditions. Taking extra time to plan ahead for winter when it comes to your car is a great habit to get into annually.

Moreover, knowing your car is prepared allows you to relax and feel more comfortable when heading out on the roads!