Money-Saving Tip on Paint Repairs for Your Car, Truck or SUV

This week I want to share a cost-saving tip for repairing paint scratches on your vehicles. 
When you purchase a car, truck or SUV from a dealership, there's an option to get a small jar of paint, in your vehicle's paint color for a small price...usually around $20. They usually have these onhand in the service department.
Suggest you pick one up. 
Here's why: When you go to a auto body & paint shop to get scratches repaired, we need to mix up a paint color to match your car's color, in order to get the exact color.

Too many to stock
There are hundreds of colors across makers and models for vehicle colors, so it's pretty darn impossible, and not good for business, to stock those colors in small amounts. 
It's more efficient to mix up what you need when you need it.

However, for small repairs...
The amount we need to mix in our system is usually far more than required for small repairs...and we need to charge for that as we can't keep it on hand or store it. 
It's more cost effective to use the small jar that's made to match from the dealer.
So get one, keep it in the trunk or the glove box for just-in-case purposes and bring it in to AutoBuff when you need scratches or key marks removed.
It'll save us from mixing more than is needed and it'll save you some dough as well. 
Got questions about how much paint is needed to repair the paint on your vehicle?

Stop in for a free estimate. 
Pic below: some of the tools in a complete paint job: 
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