Latest Auto Body Work in the Shop

Hi All - 

We're into the Spring season it seems. Here's a few shots of what's coming through the auto body shop...

but an update on the BMW restoration still going on here at "the Buff" a little work Jolene & I did on the front end.

Well, front office! Take a look:

Getting Paint

BMW Restoration...Update

Occassionally we take on bigger restoration jobs. This little cutie is the latest. We've gotten through a fair bit of exterior prep, with a ways to go still. And the interior is definitely a work in progress, but we do have progress! See image with steering wheel as evidence. "All clear," eh?

Passenger Side Redux

Body work happening on the front & passenger side of this vehicle this week. 
Love making these kinds of repairs...All. Day. Long. 


A Whole New "Front End"

Big thanks and kudos out to my beautiful wife Jolene, who came in with me over a precious weekend to give the whole front office a complete re-work!
Having a desk to stand up at  -instead of sitting all day- will make a huge difference for both of us.

Of course, you're invited to come and see it for yourself! Bring your car, truck or SUV...or just yourself.

Door's open!