Latest Auto Body & Paint Jobs at Auto Buff

Hi all—Rico here again! This month is a busy month at Rico’s, and has brought us a little bit of everything! From fixing blemishes and crunches, to getting a fancy new coat of paint to a beautiful spa day—our client’s cars are getting the works this month at Rico’s! Take a look at what's up in the shop:
Our first highlight is this beautiful Camaro that’s in for its “spa day” (aka detail job). From top to bottom—inside and out—this baby is going to be sparkling and ready for a spin when it rolls outta’ here.

Our second highlight is happening in our paint booth. This Toyota Tacoma is getting a fresh coat of paint. Already the transformation with the silver is amazing—and it will be even better with the gloss coat on top! From minor blemishes with paint to complete overhauls, we love updating your vehicle with a new shiny coat of paint!

Remember our blue Toyota van project from last month? It’s definitely been well loved over the years, and is getting a special treat, by means of patching and taking care of rust spots. Staying on top of rust spots doesn’t only help with aesthetics, but also helps to give your car some more life as well.

All this work is really on the passenger side for this project.

Our last highlight is a car that had a little accident, and needs some fixes on the back end. We’ve pulled the damaged piece behind the passenger side rear end of the car, and are in the middle of replacing it with a fresh (and safe) piece. By the time it’s out of here, you won’t even be able to tell anything ever happened to it…just how we like it!

This month we are excited about the variety of the jobs that we have. We love that our clients keep us on their toes with their vehicle needs. From basic to major needs, every job pushes us to provide our customers with something they’ll be confident and happy to drive out of our shop in. Thanks for another great month & please be safe out there on the roads!