Kids Home? Get Their Cars Checked & Decked

Hi All, 

They're HOME!
When my girls come home I always check out their cars and get them cleaned up. I get to take care of them a little bit this way and also keep them as safe as I can, by making sure their cars are safe. 

  • A few things to look at: 
  • Door locks aren't sticking,
  • Trunk is accessible, & not overfull (plus, a few safety supplies in that trunk),
  • Fresh batteries in the flashlights in the door pockets, 
  • And the whole car gets cleaned, inside and out.

Car Care That Counts
Sure, you could look at this as a chore. 
I don't see it that way. 
I'm taking care of my daughters by taking care of their vehicles.
And I'd be happy to clean your home-from-college cars and trucks as well.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve and 2015!