Job Spotlights: Toyota Van Restoration, the Paint Booth and Wash Works

Hi all—Rico here again!

We’re winding down summer with some pretty exciting projects here in the shop. The theme of the month is TLC. As busy people, try to remember to show ourselves a little TLC, but how often do we remember to show our cars the same? Three of our projects at Rico’s Auto Buff this month are getting just that—a little TLC.

Our first highlight is a Toyota van. It’s definitely lived life large, and has a little rust to show for it. This van is getting a couple of things done. First, a major rust spot by the front passenger wheel well is being patched. Next, the rear passenger dog leg (area just behind the back door) patched and replaced. We’ve yanked everything out of the car to make sure we get every last little bit of it to make sure this car is healthy and ready to hit the road again when it leaves the shop! 

You can't tell from here, but there's some body work that needs doing before we can get to the fun part...Paint!

The front wheel well on the passenger side needs to attention & a lot of elbow grease to patch this up.

The interior of the Toyota. But we're just at the beginning here!

Wheelchair accessible van
Our second highlight is a wheelchair accessible van that’s receiving a new paint job. The booth has been busy getting all of the pieces cleaned up and painted, and we’ve got all of the parts drying out and almost ready to go. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do for aesthetics!

Baby in the bath
Our last highlight is a beautiful little sports car that’s getting a well-deserved bath. It’s “spa treatments” will include top to bottom scrubbing, leaving it sparkling clean and ready to show off when it rolls out of here! 

We love to restore, refine and pamper your vehicles. Let's make sure they're in top notch shape so you feel like a million bucks when you're cruising down the street.

Thanks Everybody! 
- Rico & Jolene