How to Secure & Transport Your Delicious Dishes

If you're staying close to home and bringing some holiday dishes to share, consider this simple tip to better secure what you're bringing. 
The less you need to think about -or worry about- behind the wheel, the better. Now for the tip:  

Secure the cranberries!
If your dish has a lid, try to secure it with a thick rubber band (if it's not hot) or a very small thin bungie cord around the handles, if possible.

From the kitchen....shelf
Then, take a square of non-skid shelf liner and place it on the floor of your car before you set your dish on it. The piece of liner should be just a bit larger than the dish or pan your securing. Careful that it's not too hot, though, or you'll melt the liner to the pan AND the car mat. 

THAT is not fun at all. 

Voila! Non-skid, secure and you're ready to roll. 
Also, upon arrival, your delicious dish is ready to share and enjoy! 

One more...for the road :)
Also, don't put your pie or cake on the floor just below a car seat or child's feet. You can imagine how that one can go really wrong.

Driving during the holidays can be stressful. Take the additional step of securing dishes, bottles and packages so you can better concentrate on the road.

A Very Warm Holiday to You & Yours
From all of us here at Rico's AutoBuff - Rico, Jolene & the Team - thank you for your continual support! 
We wish you the most delicious ...& safe... season.