How to Pick the Right Body Shop

Hi All - Rico here!

We all know how reliant we've become on our vehicles for day to day life, so when something goes wrong it’s important to pick the right shop (and people) to fix our vehicles!

With so many auto body shops around and so many ads promising so many things, it’s crucial to remember the important things when something does go wrong. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding where to bring your vehicle.

  • Reviews: What do people say about the shop? Do they show testimonials?
  • Overhead:Do they have flashy stuff everywhere that might cause for more overhead, and in turn higher costs for your repairs?
  • Price: Are the prices comparable to other auto body shops? Are the prices fair?
  • Quality: Have you seen their work? Do they use new parts?
  • Accessibility & Time: Are you talking to a real human or going through prompts? How long will it take them to finish your vehicle?
  • Guaranteed Work: Do they stand by their work? If something goes wrong, will they make it right?
  • Insurance: Does the shop you’re considering using accept your insurance? Will they help you ensure all of the boxes are checked when submitting your claim?

Here at Auto Buff we pride ourselves in being there for our customers, and holding ourselves to a high standard. There is no such thing as “it’s good enough.”

Jolene and I have been taking care of your vehicles for
24 years...and counting. Thanks for considering Auto Buff.