Halloween Safety for Motorists

All Hallow's Eve lands on a Friday this year...a workday.

Lots of mummies and dads may be speeding home from work to get to the fun of the night...whether it's parties or old school door to door trick or treating.

If You're in a Car, Slow Your (Tootsie) Roll

Children of all ages who are excited & possibly hopped up on sugary carbs can be darty and unpredictable while canvassing the neighborhoods. You may be just getting home about the time the zombies and witchie-poos start ringing doorbells.

Plus, costumes are dark and don't always have reflective material incorporated into the designs.

Use caution when pulling in driveways & across alleyways. Keep an eye on those medians, too!

Last Tip
Prepare for an eyeroll.....

Much to the angst of teens and relatively inexperienced drivers, consider keeping the keys to yourself on Halloween night and shuttling party go-ers to hangouts yourself. 

Halloween can be a lot of fun. 

It's a lot more fun when everyone gets home safe.

Thinking of you & yours,