Drivers Beware: School's Back in Session!

Hi All - Rico here again from Auto Buff.

It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end! Of course, this means that school is back in session soon (if not already) and the summer lulls on the roads are about to come to an end.

It also means there will be a lot more stop-and-go traffic in and near school zones, and lots of extra people crossing the streets.

We've got a few good safety reminders for you as we head into the school season:


If you’re dropping off or have kids taking the bus

  • Have your kids exit the car on the side closest to the curb
  • Remind your children of the importance of using crosswalks, listening to crossing guards and most importantly looking both ways before crossing the street
  • If you have the option of dropping your child in front of the school or around the corner, drop them off in front of the school
  • Do a practice run with your children to the bus or school and review all of these safety tips

All drivers

  • Never pass a vehicle that’s stopped for a pedestrian
  • Leave extra room for busses, crosswalks and people on the street
  • Slow down! Follow the speed limits, especially in the school zone
  • Be extra mindful, especially during peak drop off and pick up times in school zones

Sharing the road with busses, pedestrians and other cars is something we do every day.

As we move into this season it’s good to take an extra moment to check blind spots, give ourselves a bit of extra travel time and to be a little extra patient with everyone else on the road.

Let’s work together to keep everyone safe during this next school year!

*Photo Credit: Matthew Rutledge