Bodywork Happening at the Buff

Happy fall, all—Rico here again!

It’s hard to believe it’s already fall! Things are cruising right along here in the shop. This month has brought us quite a few cars that are in need of our help with some blemishes and accidents, but also some beauties that are getting a little TLC by way of a new paint job!

First off, we’re working on helping this bumper with a little restoration to its tip top shape. Blemishes on a bumper aren’t as easy as just spraying some paint on. We take our time with ensuring these spots are repaired properly by sanding, sculpting and repairing the blemish. After the foundation work is done, we send it over to the paint shop for a fresh coat of paint to ensure you’d never be able to tell anything ever happened!

Next up is this sedan that got t-boned on the rear driver’s side door. Ouch! We’re working on that back door right now, and it’s almost ready to go. Just need to finish working on repairing the interior of the car where the front and back seat meet and then it’s ready for a bath and to head back to its owners.


We also have this silver sedan in the shop that’s almost done with the door wiring and panel being the last piece. When replacing paneling

we remove all of the electrical to ensure that nothing is damaged when reassembling the door. This door will be back together, up and going, with the electronics working properly in no time!

Last but not least we’ve got another front end oops with the bumper being replaced. It’s important to check the vehicle to make sure everything is in order structurally when removing the bumper. While the bumper is getting the TLC it needs, we ensure the vehicle is in tip top shape before reassembling and returning it to you.

In addition to all of these highlights, we’ve also got cars getting a new layer of paint in our paint booth, and more getting a little TLC with a spa day. Whew! As another great month winds down, we want to remind you to take an extra second to look around while our on those dark, slick roads!We’re so grateful for our clients coming to us and trusting us with their cars. Looking forward to seeing what next month brings!