Best & Fastest Contact for Detail, Paint and Bodywork at Rico's Auto Buff

Hi All - Rico here at Auto Buff. 

It's been a wonderfully busy Spring and it seems like we're absolutely flying into Summer. 

Best to Contact by Phone
Want to save you some frustration and assure you that the best way to get a hold of me or Jolene is by phone.

We have multiple lines to answer so thanks in advance for your patience. 

We will absolutely call you back if you leave a message and we'll schedule you for the services you need asap.

Estimates Are Different
What we can't do is make an estimate that would be of any actual use to you over the phone. 

For estimates, please bring your vehicle by in person...or have it towed here and we'll get you some numbers that are realistic.

Plus we'll work with any & all insurances to further save you from headaches. 

Big Thanks!
Want to say thank you again for continuing to schedule your vehicles in for body repairs, bumpers, panels, paint and detail jobs.


We love them all and want to get you back into your car & out on the road ASAP!