This Fathers Day...

Hi again - 

We're coming up on Father's Day and while I miss my own Dad (he passed almost 2 years ago),

I'm pretty excited to be able to spend some time with my daughters over the next few days.

Both are in town, a little bit, around the same time. They're getting grown and busy and Jolene and I are really proud of each of them. Lately, it's an amazing thing when all four of us are around at the same time. It's precious time.

You can laugh if you want to.
I'll be spending some time washing and detailing my daughters' cars this weekend.

I want them to be in safe, clean cars when they're on the roads. I want to make the cars safe and clean FOR them. I'm their dad.

Consider getting a pail and some soap together and going out to wash up the cars this weekend with your own dad. His car, your car, all the cars. I know it's a chore, but if you can, it's fun to do it together. Could be a few laughs and a way to take care of something and spend time together.

Then, fire up the barbeque!

Have a great weekend with your families, everyone.

We are all so blessed.