Pro Tip: Protecting Your Car from Oxidation

Hi. Rico here from Auto Buff.

Starting this twice-a-month posting to give some ideas and how to’s to help you keep your best look to your vehicle. Plus, a few bits about the more interesting jobs to come through the shop.

Pro Tip:
The skiers, boarders and snow-shoers are coming back over the pass in far dirtier vehicles than they first went over in. Is this you? You can make a car easier to clean by keeping a good coat of wax on your car before you head over.

This doesn’t mean you need to pull a Karate Kid - a la “wax on, wax off” - every time you want to hit the slopes. Nah. But here are a couple of things you might not know about protecting your exterior:

Protection from oxidation
Waxing a car actually protects the paint and clearcoat on your car. The wax acts as a barrier and retains the oils in the paints from oxidation. Plus the shine is nice. And this barrier actually makes clean up of a really dirty car easier in the elbow grease department.

Manufacturers of waxing products might say you should wax your car every 45 days. Well, it’s their job to sell wax. So I’d suggest a simple water test.

Test results
One good test is to just see if water “beads up” on your car. If it does, your most recent wax job is still working for you.

if the water “sheets up,” it’s time to wax again.

Keep in mind, we’re in the PNW where “rain happens” so you might want to perform this test more often.

That's all for now -Rico