Perhaps you're allergic to your car?

Well, maybe not your car, per se.

But if you have allergies, your nose and eyes are probably hyper-tuned to the seasons and have let you know that Spring has sprung, or that it's "busting out all over."


Spring cleaning for your car?

Consider all that gets tracked through your car in a day.

From the house, to the car, then out to work.

And back again.

Then there's all the weekend chores like shopping, errands, plus, activities, fun. Those hikes in the woods, out to the beach and back.

Amplify all of that by....oh, pick a number over 10....if you have kids or pets who come with you...


These are just a couple of the high-level culprits:

  • Pollen: Many versions flying through the air -on to you and/or into your car. 
  • Dirt: On pets, kids, gear, tools of all kinds and anything you touch outside. You bring it inside and spread it around when you've got your hands on the wheel, gear shift, dash, radio, get the idea.


Pro tip

One quick tip to keep the dander (& pollens & allergens) down in your car would be to keep -and use- some cleaning wipes in the car. 

Keep them handy in your sidedoor pocket and give your dash, wheel and readouts a swipe to collect dust and any other "sneeze activators" before you whisk off for your day. (No cleaning while driving though - deal?)

Just takes a second and can really clear the air in your car.


Deeper clean

How about regular shampoos to your interior?

Your mats and carpets inside are prime pollen & allergen hideouts. Keeping your eyes red and runny and your nose in proverbial 4th gear. 

Whether you bring it it for us to give your car a thorough car detailing, or you do it yourself, chances are good you'll be breathing easier with regular interior cleanings.