Friday June 13, 2014 4 Road Safety Tips for the 4th: Celebrating Independence Day safe & sound...there and back.

Celebrating this Independence Day safe & sound...there and back.

Rico here.


We’re looking forward to a long weekend here at Auto Buff. The 4th of July! Lots of picnics, fireworks, family, friends & laughs.

And a lot of people on the road. Some paying attention and some not so much.

Deadliest Days on the Road
Historically, July 3rd and 4th are touted as the “Deadliest Days of the Year to Drive” according to So, they’re coming up quick.

If you’re driving anywhere (local or out of town) I’ve got these tips for you: 

1. Drivers, hand your phone to the navigator.
Distracted driving is dangerous. Plain and simple. Put the phone out of sight or hand it to your navigator to retrieve messages.

If you’re driving solo, consider turning the phone completely off (& rest the battery!), drop it in the trunk and check messages at rest and snack stops. An accident or death just isn’t worth the risk here.

2. BOOM! It’s a scary weekend for animals & pets.
Fireworks don’t happen all the time. These are new, scary noises especially for pets. Many get out and run crazy-scared into the streets, so if the festivities have started and you’re on the road, keep a sharp lookout on the streets.

3. Reminder: Extra patrol units are often out. Count on it.
Police and state patrols are well aware of what happens each Independence Day. Their jobs can be downright gruesome over this “holiday”. Be aware that there are more patrol units and even checkpoints over the weekend. Be aware, there’s a lot going on out there!

4. Preload the digital devices: GPS, music selections, audiobooks, podcasts.
A few days before you leave, create the playlists, set the dials, load the audiobooks or podcasts and put the destination address(es) into your GPS. Or get the maps together. Anticipating a journey or event can be a pleasure too. Enjoy the planning & get it done.

Keep safe & smart on the road - and enjoy a long & wonderful 4th of July weekend!